NewLab 200 – CFPP – Cold Filter Plugging Point

This unit measures Cold Filter Plugging Point of diesel, biodiesel and heating fuels.
The sample is cooled down according to the methods and when the preselected temperature is reached a vacuum of 20 mBar is automatically applied to the sample. The product is sucked through the filter into the calibrated aspiration pipette. If the sample takes more than 60 seconds to reach the upper barrier detector (during the aspiration phase), or it fails to return completely into the test jar before that the product has cooled by a further 1°C, the Cold Filter Plugging Point is reached.


Measuring Parameters

  • Temperatures: in °C
  • Measuring range: +80°C … -80°C
  • Resolution: 0.06 °C
  • Accuracy: ± 0.1 °C
  • Repeatability / Reproducibility: as per standards methods

Units meet requierements of the following methods:
ASTM D6371
IP 309 – IP 419
EN 116 – EN 16329


New LabLink software able to manage up to 6 analytical heads simultaneously (stand alone)
User friendly interface
All analytical parameters recorded
Customizable analysis parameters and methods
Customizable results report
Printable graphs and results
Self-identification of the typology of the analysers connected