NewLab 1300 – Cloud and Pour Point

Cloud Point of petroleum products and biodiesel fuels.
Pour Point of petroleum products, crude oils, motor and engine oils, additives, lubricating oils, …

Cloud Point
The sample is cooled down according to the methods while the clouds appearance is observed on the silver bottom of the test jar by means of an optical sensor. The measurement is done by reflection on the silver bottom of the test jar via a fast light detector. The signal from light detector is processed by the LabLink software. The dynamic measurement is performed regardless of the sample’s colour.


Pour Point
According to the methods, the sample is cooled down at a specified rate and, at the prescribed temperature intervals, the mechanical arm of the analyser lifts the test jar from the cooling jacket and tilts it in order to bring it in horizontal position to test the flow of the product. The sample movement is detected by the thermal probes (PT100 detection) placed above the sample surface which react if touched by the cooled sample.

Measuring Parameters

  • Temperatures: in °C
  • Measuring range: +80°C … -80°C(Depending on the number of stages in cooling system)
  • Resolution: 0.06 °C
  • Accuracy: ± 0.1 °C
  • Repeatability / Reproducibility: as per standards methods

Cloud Point:

ASTM D2500 – ASTM D5771 – ASTM D5772 – ASTM D5773
DIN 51597
IP 219 – IP 444 – IP 445 – IP 446
ISO 3015

Pour Point:

ASTM D97 – ASTM D5853 – ASTM D5950
IP 15 – IP 441
ISO 3016