Gas Release System

Gas Release System

This accessory creates a low pressure or vacuum aspiration inside the centrifugation chamber, more specifically at the top when closed, which allows the extraction of the atmosphere with a high content of aerosols. This atmosphere is channeled through the “Gas Release System” until its exit, where it can be treated in isolation. All this circuit is permanently controlled by the team, who will direct the right moment to put this system into operation. Furthermore, the presence of a compressed air supply of 2 bar pressure is only necessary, in order to create an aspiration of 10 L / min, sufficient to aspirate the volume of the inner centrifugation chamber every 5 min.



The main functions of the Gas Release System are:

  • Reduce the gas concentration during operation and therefore the risk of explosion.
  • Eliminate the risk to the health of the user by inhalation of the generated vapors.
  • Avoid dispersion of gases to the Laboratory environment.


  • It does not need contribution of dangerous gases.
  • Low noise level <40 dB.
  • Powered only with the rotor in motion and the lid locked.
  • Low consumption