Digtor 22C-U Centrifuge

Effective, quick, versatile, allowing to work with both 6 ”and 8” conical tubes

The most affordable option within the range of centrifuges for those laboratories that, due to the applicable standards, do not need heating. Specially designed for work with both oily substances and the reagents used in the standards for oil applications. It has a wide range of accessories as well as the Digtor 22C. It has the pre-installation for the incorporation of the gas release system at any time throughout the life of the equipment.



Designed for standards-based oils: ASTM D 91, D 893, D 2273, D 2709, D 5546, API 2542, API 2548, BS 4385, DIN 51793.

  • With capacity for 4 tubes
  • Motorized automatic closure with double anchorage.
  • Locking and opening protection in operation
  • Automatic disconnection for energy saving up to 8 h