Reid Vapor Pressure – AutoREID

The AutoREID apparatus from AD systems is an automated Reid Vapor pressure instrument in full compliance with ASTM D323-B, ASTM D4953, and similar standards. These methods are for the determination of vapor pressure of gasoline, volatile crude oil, and other volatile petroleum products. The Reid method is particularly suitable for determination of vapor pressure of crude oil for transportation, storage and general handling purposes. The instrument directly measures the Reid vapor pressure without correlation or calculation.



Modern ergonomic design, fully automated interface, and convenient operation makes the AutoREID an excellent alternative to mini-methods for reliable and precise vapor pressure measurement. The AutoREID is compact with two measurement positions allowing two simultaneous and independent measurements. An additional position in the bath allows for air chamber conditioning, increasing test productivity. The test pressure vessels with quick connections assure fast and easy operation.
The AutoREID design allows testing of viscous and sticky samples or samples containing suspended particles without the risk of instrument damage. Vigorous mechanical agitation of pressure vessels accelerates pressure stabilization even on “difficult” samples such as crude oil. All components of the test pressure vessel are easy to disassemble and clean. Direct REID vapor pressure measurement perfectly suited for testing crude oil