The PFXi-880/950/995 series ensure high precision results from the 16 filter wavelength technology. It measures ASTM D1500, Saybolt ASTM D156, Pt-Co ASTM D1209 and Acid Wash color ASTM D848, among others which are widely used in the petroleum industry



With an extended path length capacity of up to 6″ (153 mm) and an optional heater to sustain the temperature of the sample to +10°C above its “cloud point”, they meet the demand for consistent and reliable colour data for a wide range of samples.

The PFXi series of spectrophotometric colorimeters introduces a unique concept in liquid colour control: RCMSi technology. You can benefit from the capability for remote calibration and servicing via the internet – saving the cost and time associated with servicing and guaranteeing compliance with standards.