CCS-2100 Automated Cold-Cranking Simulator consists of a patented thermoelectrically-cooled rotor/stator with vacuum system and injection pump, a 30 position sample table, a temperature verification kit, an integrated controller, a waste receiver, a recirculating cooler, proprietary software and a set of Cannon CL viscosity standards.
The automated CCS2100 is a cold-cranking simulator for measuring apparent viscosity of engine oils from –40 °C to –5 °C. Automated sample loading, operation and solventfree cleaning permit unattended processing of up to 30 samples at one time.




  • Automated sample loading and computer controlled testing of up to 30 samples at one time.
  • Unattended operation reduces operatorto-operator variability for enhanced repeatability and reproducibility
  • Proprietary software automatically calculates and records sample viscosities based on test data and stored rotor/stator calibration information
  • Features a patented, thermoelectricallycooled rotor/stator for outstanding temperature management
  • Rotor speed is automatically measured by a high resolution digital encoder
  • A thermoelectric sample warming cycle greatly improves sample flushing allowing solvent-free cleaning