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Saybolt Viscosity Bath SV4000

Saybolt Viscosity Bath SV4000


Koehler Instrument Company

Summary of Method


Determines the time required for 60mL of sample to flow through a calibrated orifice under precisely controlled conditions. Saybolt Universal Seconds (SUS) is the standard measurement for lubricants, insulating oils and lighter fuel grades, and Saybolt Furol Seconds (SFS) is used for heavier oils and bitumens.




  • Microprocessor control of temperature between ambient and 240°C (464°F), four tube capacity, dual digital displays show setpoint and actual temperature, automatic timing option for simplified, accurate measurement of efflux times, constant temperature bath with available automatic timing feature for viscosity determinations using Saybolt viscometer tubes and orifices.
  • Microprocessor PID circuitry assures precise temperature control within ASTM specified tolerances throughout the operating range of the bath.
  • Simple push-button controls and dual digital displays permit easy setting and monitoring of bath temperature.
  • Accommodates four viscometers and four 60mL receiving flasks.
  • Sliding draft shields and a chemical-resistant alignment plate facilitate handling of the flasks, and glare-free fluorescent backlighting is provided for easy viewing of the samples.
  • Automatic Timing Option: At the push of a button, the automatic timer starts the sample flow, senses the 60mL end point, and digitally records and displays the efflux time in 0.1 seconds resolution with an accuracy of 0.05%.
  • Automatic timing improves testing accuracy and convenience, eliminating the chain and cork assembly and the need to manually time each sample.
  • Timer installation is available in any configuration from 1 to 4 positions.


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AASHTO-T72, ASTM-E102, ASTM-D88, ASTM-D244, FTM-791-304.