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Kinematic Viscosity Bath KV1000

Kinematic Viscosity Bath KV1000


Koehler Instrument Company

Summary Of Method


Kinematic viscosity is one of the most important properties to be analized on lubricant oils and Biodiesel. In order to measure it, a few mililiters of sample are placed into a tube called Viscometer and then temperature conditioned inside viscosity bath. The time required by sample to pass through a bulb inside viscometer is measured and multiplied by viscometer´s calibration constant to get Kinematic Viscosity in Centistokes (cSt).




  • "Accommodates six round 2"" (51mm) dia. viscometer holders.
  • Test temperatures of up to 150°C (302°F) can be selected.
  • Temperature limit control permits the operator to select an overtemperature cutoff point to protect against accidental overheating.
  • Composition top plate rests on a 12x12"" (30.5x30.5cm) or 12x18"" (30.5x46cm) compatible with former Koehler´s models."


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ASTM-D6074, ASTM-D445, FTM-791-305, IP-71, NFT-60-100, DIN-51550, ISO-3104.