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Brookfield Viscosity Bath BVS4000

Brookfield Viscosity Bath BVS4000


Koehler Instrument Company

Summary of Method


Samples are conditioned inside air bath whci includes a rotating turntable as per specifications; sample carriers are also conditioned inside bath. Afer conditioning, samples are placed inside carriers to avoid increase of sample temperature to be measured by using rotational viscometer.





  • Conforms to ASTM D2983 and related specifications, mechanically refrigerated with digital indicating temperature control, operating range to –50°C, sixteen sample capacity.
  • Mechanically refrigerated cold cabinet prepares samples for dynamic viscosity determinations on petroleum lubricants.
  • A built-in turntable rotates the samples at 4rpm per specifications.
  • Cooling system maintains cabinet temperature within ±0.1°C at temperatures as low as –50°C.
  • Cabinet temperature is displayed in digital format on the front panel.
  • Cabinet accommodates sixteen (16) sample cells with cell carriers. Includes insulated cover.


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ASTM-D2983, Otro - Other-CEC-L-18A, ISO-9262, IP-267 Method A.