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Existent Gum Evaporation Bath

Existent Gum Evaporation Bath

K33700 - K33780 - K33800

Koehler Instrument Company

Summary of Method

 Gum formed during fuel storage can deposit on induction system surfaces, intake valves, stems and guides. To test for gum content, a 50mL sample is evaporated in an aluminum block bath for a specified period under controlled conditions of temperature and flow of air (aviation and motor gasolines) or steam (aircraft turbine fuel).

Existent Gum Test Apparatus

Evaporates aircraft turbine fuel and motor and aviation gasoline samples under controlled conditions in accordance with ASTM specifications. Consists of a igh temperature evaporation bath with 100mL test beakers and, for aircraft urbine fuels, a steam generator and steam superheater.



• Conforming to ASTM D381 and related specifications
• Choice of three-unit and six-unit models
• Available with built-in steam superheater
• Microprocessor programmable high accuracy temperature control
• Built-in pressure regulators and air flowmeters
Electrically heated baths for determining existent gum in aircraft turbine
fuels by steam-jet evaporation and in motor and aviation gasolines by
air-jet evaporation. Fully insulated, aluminum block design assures safe,
efficient high temperature operation. Equipped with air/steam pressure
regulator with gauge and a flowmeter for adjusting air flow per ASTM
specifications. Stainless steel jets deliver air or steam flow to the test
wells through removable brass conical adapters. Microprocessor PID
control provides quick temperature stabilization without overshoot, and
the bath is protected by an overtemperature control circuit that interrupts
power should bath temperature exceed a programmed cut-off point. Dual
LED displays provide actual and setpoint temperature values in °C/°F


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FTM-791-3302, ISO-6246, DIN-51784, IP-131, NF M-07-004.