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Combustion Calorimeter System

Combustion Calorimeter System




Summary of Test Method

Calorimetric analysis is one of the most important properties for liquid and solid fuels. In order to perform this measurement, equipment makes a controlled combustion of sample under an oxygen atmosphere and measures calorific power very carefully based on information obtained during combustion.



  • Full menu control.
  • No PC or software required.
  • Intelligent operation support.
  • Very fast operation due to improved software.
  • Easy to maintain, self test for technicians and operators.
  • Compact size.
  • Operation can be configured to suit every laboratory.
  • Rapid and accurate determinations.
  • Capable of doing 10 CV samples per hour using two vessels and the e2k Cooler Unit.
  • Isothermal design using a waterless patented vessel (no bucket, spillage or measuring).
  • Large memory for storing more than 1000 determinations.
  • Manual or automatic mass entry through the keyboard or balance interface.
  • Automatic correction of firing wire, cotton, spikes, etc.
  • Easy to read LCD display in one standard (English) and one alternative language.
  • Fully automatic calibration in BTU, CAL or MJ/Kg.
  • Calibrated sensors built into vessel wall.
  • Intelligent vessel with fault diagnostics and microprocessor.
  • Adjustable firing limits.
  • High and low mass limits to avoid operator error.
  • Determination cycle adjustment.
  • Interfaces to standard PS2 computer keyboard.
  • Acoustical warning for operator convenience.
  • Auto incrementing 5 digit sample identification.
  • Factory pre-setting parameters can be invoked from the keyboard.
  • Extra 8 digit group identification can be used as a sample ID.
  • Can print results directly without PC on standard 80 column serial printer with RS232 port.
  • Real time clock for date/time stamping of all results.
  • Pre-assembled optional cooler interface.
  • Increased MTBF, approximately 10 years.
  • Virtually maintenance free.
  • Protected card for easy exchange.


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ASTM-D240, DIN-51900.