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Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator

Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator


Koehler Instrument Company


Determines higher concentrations of water in a wide range of liquid and
powder samples. Used for assessing water content in petroleum and
petrochemical products including oils, gasolines, solvents, and fluids as
well as other products in the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Automotive,
Food/Beverage and Agriculture industries.

Requires use of an analytical balance and Karl Fischer reagents according to application. Using the analytical balance, sample is precisely weighed and inyected into titration vessel where previously neutralized solvent is. At that moment titration begins and titrant is added to sample until all water in sample is neutralized.  Using sample weight, titrant factor and titrant volume spent unit determines sample's water concentration automatically.



 Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator
• Intuitive keypad and function guide display
• Automatic and periodic elimination of bubbles which can form in the liquid circuit
• Automatic drift monitoring and compensation
• Programmable- several easy to use programs for titration and standardization
• Results expressed in ppm, mg/l, %, etc.
• Data Logger- automatic data storage of last 55 analysis results
The AKF6000 Compact Volumetric Karl Fischer Titrator is a versatile instrument capable of conforming to a multitude of Standard Test Methods. This fully programmable titrator offers several easy to use programs for titration and standardization. 4 standardization methods can be selected by the user.


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ASTM-D803, ASTM-D5460, ASTM-D2575, ASTM-D1364, ASTM-D1348.