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Sampling Of Petroleum Products and LPG

Sampling Of Petroleum Products and LPG

K27600 - K27700 - K27581

Koehler Instrument Company


Samplers and sample thieves from Koehler Instrument, allow users to take liquid samples from tanks, tank cars, tank trucks, ship tanks and other storing places of crude oil, derivates and biofuels. LGP samplers allow users to take representative samples of liquefied gases and include a relief valve.




Weighted Beaker

• Capacity 32 oz. (946mL)
• Choice of 3⁄4" or 11⁄2" (19 or 38mm) opening
For beaker sampling from tank cars, tank trucks, shore tanks, ship tanks and barge tanks. Copper or stainless steel construction with weighted bottom. Includes handle and chained cork. Takes all level samples, running samples: top, upper, middle, lower and outlet samples. Select 3⁄4" (19mm) opening for light crude oils, light lubricating oils, kerosenes, gasolines, transparent gas oils, diesel fuels, and distillates, or 11⁄2" (38mm) for heavy crude and fuel oils, heavy lubricating oils and nontransparent gas oils. Shipping weight: 6 lbs (2.7kg).

LPG Sample Containers

Two-valve type with 20% outage tube. Built-in pressure relief valve
Conforming to ASTM D1265 and GPA 2140 specifications. Welded stainless steel cylinders for obtaining representative samples of liquefied petroleum (LP) gases. Two-valve type (1⁄4 IPS), with 20% outage tube and built-in pressure relief valve factory preset between 540 to 600psi (38-42 kg/cm2).


Sample Thief (Bacon Bomb)

Obtains bottom samples or samples from any level
• Four different capacities
• Plated brass, stainless steel or acrylic construction
• Standard Viton O-ring seal
• Optional metal-to-metal seal

Obtains samples from storage tanks, tank cars and drums. When the thief
strikes the bottom of the tank, a plunger assembly opens to admit the sample. The plunger closes again when the bomb is withdrawn, forming a tight seal. Samples can be taken at any depth with the use of a secondary trip line, or extension rods may be added for obtaining samples at levels of up to 18"(46cm) off the bottom. Equipped with plunger locking cam for tight closure during transport (except for 4 oz 11⁄8" dia. model). Special models include a 4 oz (118mL) ‘pencil’ model for sampling through small diameter pipes and openings, and clear acrylic samplers with plated brass plunger and end pieces. Modified samplers can be supplied for special applications – we invite your inquiries.



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Otro - Other-GPA 2140, ASTM-D6074, ASTM-D1265.