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Manual Pour and Cloud Point

Manual Pour and Cloud Point


Koehler Instrument Company

Summary Of Method

Cloud point and pour point are indicators of the lowest temperature of utility for petroleum products. The sample is periodically examined while it is being cooled in the cloud and pour point apparatus. The highest temperature at which haziness is observed (cloud point), or the lowest temperature at which movement of the oil is observed (pour point),
is reported as the test result.


Bench-model and floor-model test units with multiple four-jacket mechanically refrigerated baths, each factory preset at a different temperature for convenient cloud and pour point testing. Bench model has three baths, set at (0, -18 and -33°C; floor model available with either four or five baths, set at 0, -18, -33 and -51°C) and 0, -18,
-33, -51, and -69°C) respectively. 


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ASTM-D6158, ASTM-D6074, ASTM-D5853.