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Combined Distillation System with shared Collector D-2892/5236MC

Combined Distillation System with shared Collector D-2892/5236MC

DIST D-2892/5236 MC

I-Fischer Engineering



For our brand FISCHER® technology this product will be named FISCHER® AUTODEST® 800/860 MC.

The i-Fischer® DIST D-2892/5236 MC / FISCHER® AUTODEST® 800/860 MC is an automated, computer controlled and PC operated unit of turn-key design, and ready for use after installation and commissioning. The system is fully housed and equipped with doors in the front and rear to satisfy safety requirements and to facilitate service aspects.

The automatic fraction collector, the vacuum equipment and the control system are used for alternative operation of both distillation processes.


Summary of test method

On this unit, first TBP section is used where a crude oil sample between 1 and 30L is weighed, a debutanization process is made to remove gases and then distillation at several pressures (atmospheric, 100,5 and 2mmHg) is performed and fractions are collected as per analysis requirements up to 400°C AET in a column of up to 18 theoretical plates. A reflux of 5:1 is maintained at all times except at lower pressures. Mass and density of each fraction are obtained and based on these data yields are calculated. Finally, TPB curves of mass or volume% vs AET are drawn.

Once TBP is done, a measured and weighed residue from flask is placed on Potstill section and distilled at a low pressure between 50 and 0.1mmHg at at a specific distillation rate dependent on pressure. Fractions are taken at different temperatures as required by analysis. Mass of each fraction is obtained and yields by mass are calculated from the mass of each fraction. Density of each fraction is also obtained and yields by volume are calculated from volume of each fraction @ 15°C relative to total recovery.



ASTM-D5236, ASTM-D2892.